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After COVID-19, American supply chain will be Re-think. Great opportunity for Brazilian market.

Atualizado: 29 de mai. de 2020

American companies are procuring new suppliers to replace Chinese manufacturers. And about you, Brazilian companies? What are you waiting for?



Since the beginning of the COVID-19 Pandemic in China, in November 2019, American companies and industries have been threatened by a disruption in their supply chains productive. Simply glance at the huge amount of “MADE IN CHINA” products in the American market, that it is not difficult to understand such vulnerability, from the moment that millions of Chinese people had to be quarantined to prevent the spread of a virus highly contagious and lethal.

From this event, the American entrepreneur, who is extremely responsible, very reactive to difficulties, and always looking for innovative solutions to their problems, initiates a minacious review process in its global supply chains.

Aiming to minimize the risk of relying only on the Chinese market, new manufacturers must be developed to supply finished and semi-finished products. The fact is to not be enough for replacing the Chinese products, but further to spray the supply chain in different regions of the planet, far beyond the “Asian tigers”. Then, looking for this perspective of industrial developing countries, which have the same conditions of large-scale production and competitive prices, the region of the planet that most resembles them, is South America, where Brazil is a natural leader. There are indeed many similarities between Brazil and China, not enough to mention the term BRICS, which places them in the group of developing countries: Brazil, Russia, China, India, and South Africa.

Brazil, which is among the 08 largest world economies with GDP of around 1.8 Trillion Dollars in 2019, according to the IMF, is not limited only to production as a world leader in commodities, such as Soy, Oil, Iron ore, cellulose, corn, beef, and chicken. But it also has a relevant industrial park that supplies its large domestic market, with highlights for Electric Motors, Chemicals & Petrochemicals, Automotive, Consumer Goods, Food & Beverage, Marbles and Ceramics, among others.

Brazil also innovates in high quality and large capacity, hosting internationally respected technology centers in areas such as Agribusiness, Financial Services, Mining, Offshore Oil & Gas, Fashion & Footwear, Diagnostic Medicine and Executive Aviation.

Political Brazil, a pulsating democracy, also reassures investors when compared to the Chinese competitor, a socialist republic dominated by a single-party regime.

Yes, there are some problems in the Brazilian market, such as the lack of education and low productivity of the Brazilian workforce, which still has enormous difficulties with the English language, the high cost of interest, inefficient logistics infrastructure, the bureaucracy with an excess of regulation and corruption in institutions, called "non-tariff barriers".

Exactly these non-tax barriers that IMportantEX aims to overcome for its customers.



IMportantEX will act in the commercial representation of Brazilian companies in the American Market, facilitating the understanding of the legislation of both countries, providing market information, analyzing the American consumer market and the requirements for specialized certification to the segment of the manufacturing company, in addition to simplification and monitoring logistics and customs costs at borders.

With the expertise of its founder who has over 25 years of experience in Supply Chain, Foreign Trade, International Logistics and Global Customs Procedures, in addition to training in Project Management by IBMEC-RJ, adding a group of specialists, IMportantEX will be able to develop projects for American companies who need to seek new supplier markets. But it can also go the other way, helping Brazilian companies to enter the large and competitive American market.


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